Book publishing

If you're an author who has written a book of particular interest to our little corner of England, we'd like to hear from you.

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Research and authoring

Perhaps you have an idea for a book to sell as a fundraising project, but haven't the time to research and write it yourself?

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Editing and typesetting

You might have written a manuscript but need it brought up to a publishable standard. We offer a range of services to help.

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Since 1993

What we do

The aim of most publishers is to sell as many copies of a book to as wide a market as possible.

Canterley Publishing thinks differently. We are pioneers of ultra-localism – a brand new model in publishing. By specialising in local-interest books we concentrate our efforts on smaller markets – often as small as a single village – and provide a greater depth of marketing coverage.

The result? A high-quality publication, modestly priced, effectively marketed, and with realistic prospects for author remuneration.


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