Tenterden at War

Ed Adams

Published November 2020.

A year-by-year account of the Home Front in Tenterden during the Second World War.

A tale of intrigue, devastation, loss, resolve, bravery and humour, Tenterden at War is the complete and untold story of the local people who lived through the most desperate struggle of modern times.

234 pages; illustrated with a 10-page plate section.


Pluckley was my playground

Frederick Sanders

Published October 2020.

In 1955 Frederick Sanders began to write, in his words, ‘the book of my heart’ – a memoir of his childhood in Pluckley, Kent, during the years 1919-26.

He described his adventures, escapades and explorations in and around a village finding itself again after the Great War, filled with countryside lore and ghost stories which have since grown into the modern-day legends of Pluckley.

228 pages.


Country Matters

Peter Vincent

Published October 2020.

Tales of farming and Elham life told with wit and wisdom by Peter Vincent.

96 pages; richly illustrated with photographs and line drawings.



Wittersham School: the first 200 years

Ed Adams

Published November 2019.

Wittersham CE Primary School, founded by Rev. William Cornwallis in 1820, has educated the children of the Isle of Oxney for 200 years. This is the untold story of its establishment, turmoil, success, desperate lows and glorious triumphs.

160 pages; lavishly illustrated with over 200 rare and unseen images.

£15 (royalties to the Wittersham School Association).


High Halden School: the first 150 years

Ed Adams

Published November 2018.

High Halden CE Primary School, built in 1868, has educated
local children for 150 years. This is the untold story of how the
school was founded in the face of great opposition, experienced
glorious highs and desperate lows, and finally established itself at
the centre of village life.

184 pages; lavishly illustrated with 250 rare and unseen images.

£15 (all profits to High Halden School PTFA).

Urgent Miss B cover 2

The Urgent Miss Babington

Eleanor Bliss

Published October 2018.

What a woman! She was the daughter of Rev. J A Babington, vicar of St Mildred’s, Tenterden, and worked alongside him supporting his ministry and contributing hugely to the life of the town. Her contributions to the war effort during World War One are noted, as is her help with the town stricken by the influenza outbreak in 1918. The pair moved to Canterbury in 1924 on his retirement, and in due course she became the Secretary, Steward and Treasurer of the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral. For this work she was awarded the OBE. She helped instigate the first Canterbury Festivals. During World War Two she became a significant figure in supporting the Canterbury community through her work as Coordinator of the WVS.

£10 (all profits towards the reordering of St Mildred's Church, Tenterden).