Tenterden at War - Cover

Tenterden at War

Ed Adams

Published November 2020.

A year-by-year account of the Home Front in Tenterden during the Second World War.

Includes never-before-seen details of the town’s contribution to:
• the pre-war British fascist movement;
• the escape of Jewish children from occupied Europe;
• the reception of London evacuees to a place of greater safety;
• the victory of the Battle of Britain;
• the efforts to bring the United States into the war;
• the preparations for invasion and the underground British resistance;
• the top-secret PLUTO pipeline and the success of the D-Day landings;
as well as detailed recollections of the bombs that fell, the planes that crashed and those who lost their lives, at home and abroad.

A tale of intrigue, devastation, loss, resolve, bravery and humour, Tenterden at War is the complete and untold story of the local people who lived through the most desperate struggle of modern times.


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234pp; illustrated with a 10-page plate section. 198x129mm.

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